Friday, July 10, 2020



Company COCA-COLA is one of the biggest and most wanted companies with huge revenues per year. The world’s largest beverage company is now eyeing and showing its interests in developing drinks that contain CBD.

The management claims that we are watching very carefully the Non-Psychoactive CBD that will be as an ingredient in the functional wellness beverages scattered around the world.  

Why COCA-COLA is eyeing the Cannabis market? It is because of the fact that the company is not only the biggest beverage companies but it has a huge brand image. A brand image is after serving a long time and developing a taste of originality amongst the other companies. Its major competitors have been PepsiCo The company, however, Coca Cola has always maintained its standards. The brand image it has created is not only through its excellence. It highly is dependent on growth and sponsorships. Coca Cola has used all sorts of dynamic individuals for the need for advertising and promotion campaigns. Especially used celebrities including FIFA stars, other Sports stars, and many other stars that are popular and energetic. The company COCA-COLA has some iconic brands and these include Coke and Sprite to Powerade.  These brands have helped in developing incremental success with regards to the brand image. Any companies acquiring a new one or change management in the old ones requires a huge brand image.

The company Aurora is the third-largest Pot Company and enjoys a market share of $8.7 Billion. The country is now the first Group of Seven nations that are legalizing the Cannabis. This is mainly because the level of competition with others is not so worthy.  Now talking about the CANADA Cannabis competitive Peer index, the index has doubled to what it used to be in previous 12 months period. This index also saw a drop of 24 percent in the year 2018. The concern was that the stock was overvalued.

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